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Pictures in Trim allows for the rapid and efficient storage and retrieval of images in your Trim database.

Pictures can be loaded directly from cameras, mobile phones and file directories.  A simple centralised configuration wizard allows you to automate indexing and cataloguing of images using your HP TRIM Record Structure. 

Use the data stored with the image such as GPS co-ordinates to identify the right record and index the images.  Automatically convert images (size, resolution, watermarking, thumbnails etc) as part of the storage process.  Define unique configuration setting for different users to cater for their storage requirements and enforce your image management policy

One upload solution that will handle the diverse image storage requirements of your organisation. Your Publications Division has spent thousands on high quality publicity photographs, the Planning Section has 150 photos of the new site works this month and Bill had a car accident and recorded the scene on his phone

View pictures stored in TRIM as Thumbnails, in a Film Strip or Preview Mode. Use TRIM searches to enable users to find the documents they want and quickly access the images they need via Thumbnails.

Reporting and exporting tools provide easy communication of picture information.

All Pictures, thumbnails and configurations are stored in HP TRIM and are accessible everywhere, even from a Web Browser using

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